Brief Introduction of "Ravi Kalra"

Brief Introduction of "RAVI KALRA"

Founder and President of "The Earth Saviours Foundation"

Ravi Kalra is one of the few individuals who has devoted his life for the welfare of less privileged people and to protect our planet - mother Earth.

Ravi Kalra was born and brought up in Delhi in a middle class family.  He had completed his studies from the University of Delhi. His father retired as a Delhi Police Inspector. His father’s tough commando and soldier skills inspired Ravi Kalra to achieve the prestigious level 4th Dan black belt in Taekwondo Martial Arts in year 1987.

Being an International Master Instructor and the President of Indian Amateur Taekwondo Federation he has trained soldiers posted in several battalions. His activities had made him travel to 43 different countries till date.

Ravi Kalra is a well known Karma Yogi, social activist and environmentalist. In the year 2008, he founded an NGO by the name of “The Earth Saviours Foundation” to look after poor, mentally disabled, wounded, deprived people, HIV/ AIDS patients, abandoned senior citizens and less privileged people. He offers them free shelter, food, medicine and daily amenities.

His NGO is registered under 80G Income Tax Exemption Act and is recognized by Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India. Under the banner of his NGO he runs an old age home, rehabilitation school for poor children, Nari Niketan to look after deprived women and a Rescue center to look after mentally disabled people. He also has a Gaushala to look after stray mother cows.

He is also known as the “No Honking Man of India.” He is the first one to trigger the never- ending “Do Not Honk” battle to educate drivers not to honk unnecessarily to control noise pollution.

He is a world record holder for wiping out the “Horn Please” sign from over one lakhs commercial vehicle. He is battling to save forests in India by filing PIL (Public Interest Litigation) in the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India for saving the forest and its habitats.

Ravi Kalra is also a proud Rotarian. He has served as the President - Rotary club of Delhi Ridge in the past.

In the year 2012 Ravi Kalra was awarded the ‘Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Prestigious Award’ for Excellence in selfless humanitarian Service.

By the grace of God, Ravi Kalra has had holy baths in the four most gracious Maha Kumbh of the century. He had the first Maha Kumbh snan in the year 1998 at Haridwar, The second holy bath at Maha Kumbh in the year 2002 at Allahabad and the third Maha Kumbh Holy snan in the year 2013 again at Allahabad.

Ravi Kalra has become one of the few spiritual non - priest Indians. So far he has cremated more than 4980 unidentified and unclaimed dead bodies at the electric cremation center for the divine soul’s to rest in peace in heaven. These are the people who die during road / train accidents or are found floating in Yamuna River, or are half eaten by animals at ridges or in drains or have died in hospitals or road sites. These unidentified people were brought by the Police authorities at the cremation centre where Ravi Kalra offers his helping hand to perform their cremation with prayers and dignity.

Ravi Kalra feeds almost 450 poor people every day.  He has also pledged to donate his eyes, kidneys, heart valves and other useful organs for needy people. He has pledged to donate his body for medical research.

There is a lot more to know about the selfless devotion of Ravi Kalra working tirelessly round the clock, seven days a week to serve humanity.


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