Our Achievement

Since year 2008 our foundation is rapidly progressing for the welfare of community. Under the supervision of dedicated staff and volunteers the following services have been performed. Despite having the major hurdles such as financial crises as well as the massive fire which took place on 4th April 2014 at our Gurukul where our foundation lost 100% infrastructure, amenities and human lives.

Please find a  brief statement of selfless, tireless and fearless Karmic Sewa performed since 2008 - 2015 by our foundation.

  1. Throughout the year admissions were opened round the clock for abandoned, disabled, HIV infected bed ridden and people suffering with incurable diseases.
  1. On constant bases food, accommodation, medicines  and every day to day care has been provided free of charge to hundreds of less privileged people living at our NGO's Gurukul.
  1. On routine counseling and care to mentally disabled people has been provided.
  1. Hundreds of disabled, deprived people have been united back with their families at all India level. Where our NGO’s  dedicated staff had personally visited to handover their love ones to their families, those were found homeless roaming on roads due to mental disabilities.
  2. Admissions to the less privileged people at our gurukul is accepted gracefully and round the clock from Police, Govt. hospital, social welfare and hon'ble courts.
  1. Throughout the year bhajan, kirtan, celebrations of different festivals and tirath yatra have been performed for the less privileged living at our gurukul.
  1. The environment concern issues such as noise pollution ( Do Not Honk campaign) is a regular on going initiative to spread awareness for saving the environment.
  1. The criminations and then the Asthi Visarjan of unclaimed and un identity dead people has been performed by Vidhi and Vidhan for thousands of people at Haridwar by our foundation for their soul rest in peace.

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6th International Prestigious Sardar Patel Award


I am delighted to extend my special thanks to Shri Ram Avtaar Shastry Ji, chairman of 'Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Foundation' for honoring me the most prestigious International award for excellence in selfless human services. 

This award was presented to me in a grand function by Hon'ble Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, His Excellency Shri N.N.Vohra Ji, at New Delhi on dated 27th Feb 2012.

The award has indeed boosted the morale, self confidence and faith among all the well wishers and volunteers associated with 'The Earth Saviours Foundation'.

Please acknowledge few photographs of the award ceremony:-

Ravi Kalra receiving the International Prestigious Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Award for Excellence in humanitarian
 services from H.E Mr.N.N Vohra ji Hon’ble Governor of Jammu Kashmir on 27/02/2012. 

From left to right, Mr.Narender Nath ji, Ravi Kalra and the Hon'ble  
Governor of Jammu Kashmir Mr. N. N. Vohra ji.

All award winners posing with H.E Sh.N.N Vohra ji and Sh.Ram  Avtar Shastri ji (standing in middle 
wearing white cloths and red jacket)   Chairman Sardar Vallabhbhai Foundation.

Ravi Kalra after receiving International Prestigious Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Award for his excellence 
in selfless humanitarian service.

Vigilant proud team of ‘The Earth Saviours Foundation’ posing during the Award Ceremony.



Heart touching warm facilitation for selfless humanitarian service

I was touched to received IMAAN INDIA SAMMAN “Award”.