Asthi Visarjen - Pilgrimage

With the blessings of God, I had the opportunity to visit Haridwar once again on 7th July,2014. This time I took the ashes of 39 abandoned and disabled people for asthi - visarjen to ensure their soul rests in peace at Heaven. These were the people who died with dignity over the months in our gurukul at New Delhi. This time again it was a remarkable journey for me. I went to cremation centre in the middle of the night (alone) to collect the ashes of these loving people. Their ashes had reserved in the locker section at cremation centre. I prayed for them at cremation center. Then I brought the ashes to my home where I stay alone. I took this opportunity to welcome the ashes at my home by performing prayers for them the whole night. Then after around 5 a.m i proceed for my journey to hardiwar by train. It was a great experience I had at Haridwar while praying to Lord Almighty for these 39 people. During the ganga ji ashnan I also prayed for every human being as well as for our beautiful planet. I prayed for everyones health, long and happy life. Please find photographs of divine experience.

God is always kind. He has kept me in the basket of flowers. This time again he has offered one of the most precious duty to cremate a dead body of a women, age 27 years. Her name is Gidah Nailboua. She is from Uganda. For the last one year her dead body was kept in the mortuary of Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi.

Last year she was admitted in hospital where doctors found that she is suffering with HIV/AIDS. Due to many other incurable diseases she died in hospital on date 09.04.2014. After her death the High Commission of the Republic of Uganda and the hospital authorities did their best to coordinate with her family in Uganda. Despite their best efforts the result was something else. Finally Lord Almighty answered something different by giving an official assignment to our NGO for cremating her dead body. The hospital had officially handed over her dead body to us on date 09.03.2015 to cremate her with dignity and prayers.

In this regard myself and the dedicated staff members of our NGO (mostly girls) decided to join me at the cremation center to cremate her with prayers. The time we were handed over her dead body it was stinking badly and due to keeping the dead body for almost a year it was a seen of a horrifying scenario. In other end I am touched to share that we did our best to performed all the rights while cremating her with prayers, mantras and dignity. We also prayed by folding hands from the side of her family, friends, embassy and the hospital. Soon in a day or two I will collect her ashes and then further will go to Haridwar, bear feet keeping her ashes on my head for Asthi Visarjan and Holy Ganga ji snan so that her soul get rest peace in heaven. May God bless her. Please find few photographs of the cremation ceremony and the copy of official letters. It would be really an honor if you all pray for her.

Warm regards,

Ravi Kalra (Karma Yogi)
Founder and President
The Earth Saviours Foundation
FCRA license from Ministry of Home Affairs
Govt. of India.