"Ayurda" Old Age Home

Due to The Continuous improvement in healthcare worldwide, the average lifespan of an individual has increased drastically . India is no exception. According to the Census of India, the life expectancy of a inidan citizen was about 52 till 1975. Today, an average Indian man lives beyond 67 years .

the reason behind this change in attitute is continous migration from rural area to urban area and demand for nuclear family that the culture of India to take care of old parents is changing plus the medical facilities becoming so expensiv that children dont want to take care of there parents and they leave them alone in this critcal age .

why choose earth saviour - OLD AGE HOME In Gurugram

thats where Earth saviour comes in , we provide all the facilities to the elderly like our only . currently around 500 abandoned senior citizens and disabled people are living permanently at our gurukul located at Bandhwari Village, Gurugram. we provide all over care of them by god's grace . from there routine medical checkup to treating the illness of some we are there for the elderly , carefully preparing there meals for the day so that they get all the nutrients needed to stay fit, old age .

Its sad to even share the condition of the elderly are sometime brought to our gurukul . most of them are bed-ridden , handicapped , on death bed or having maggots all over their body etc . some comes in far worse condition that Despite our best care some of them die due to old age or constant long illness. we take it very critically and seriously , ensure that their last rites are performed with full respect and dignity according to their respective religion. We cremate them in electric cremation system and after collecting their ashes, we take them to Haridwar for Asthi Visarjan and Holy Ganga ji snan (Holy Bath) to ensure the divine soul's peace in heaven.


Our Missions

  • Old age home to look after homeless - abandoned senior citizens.
  • Rescue center to look after mentally disabled people.
  • “Do Not Honk” campaign to reduce noise pollution by educating drivers not to honk unnecessarily while driving.
  • Jia Nari Niketan shelter to look after deprived females.
  • Battle to save environment and its habitats.

Earth Saviours Foundation is an Internationally recognized Charitable Old Age Home In Gurugram

We would be delighted all our well wishers to contribute their valuable time as a volunteer. we request you to donate as much as you can your small gesture can mean a lot donate raw food and other utility item . We urge all our well wishers to contribute their valuable time as a volunteer.

It would be greatly appreciate if you consider sponsoring one time meal for the destitute people living at our NGO’s Gurukul on any special occasion such as birthday, anniversary or any memorable day in your family. your one time meal can give them immense happiness , your one time consideration can give them beautiful memories they deserve . .

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