Complete Introduction of "Ravi Kalra"

Due to human negligence and selfishness humanity is at stake. our mother earth is wounded in every way - suffering from global warming, deforestation, natural disasters, pollution, drinking water crisis, illiteracy, poverty, hunger, crime, traffic hazards, cruelty to animals, wars and cross country terrorism. These are a few of the deadly menaces affecting our planet.

In order to heal the wounds of Mother Earth, God chooses a few people to protect the planet and its environment. Ravi Kalra is one of them and is putting his entire being and life in to tackling the challenges

Ravi Kalra is a Karma Yogi, a social activist and an environmentalist. He was born in a middle class family in New Delhi and studied at a Government School, and the University of Delhi.

Ravi comes from a family of modest financial means. But he has come a long way since his childhood, where he remembers walking around barefoot wearing torn trouser on railway tracks, and then achieving the status of a successful businessman as an adult.

Although he was living a comfortable life, destiny had its own plans for him.

In the year 2007, his entire being transformed when he saw a poor child and a street dog eating together from the same stinking garbage yard. He felt their pain and realized his true calling in life was to help the poor and needy. In between God made him go through unbearable pains and humiliation. Finally in 2008 Lord Almighty answered his prayers and this led to the establishment of ‘The Earth Saviours Foundation’, whose mission is to serve humanity in every possible way.

His creation, The Earth Saviours Foundation is registered under section 80G of the Income Tax Exemption Act, and is recognized by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. The Earth Saviors Foundation was started with Ravi's own hard earned money.

He receives no financial support except tremendous moral support from the government. The government of India has always appreciated his work and supported him with great moral strength. Today his NGO's selfless and tireless mission is supported by the whole hearted and generous financial support of general public and the business community.

Ravi Kalra is fortunate to have a dedicated and sincere staff and volunteers who come from all over the world to work hard round the clock to strengthen his mission. His eyes get moist while extending heartiest thanks to his staff members who have stood by him during all his hardships. Their determination and hard work has made them family to him.

Ravi Kalra regularly goes on the roads in search of abandoned, bed-ridden, mentally disabled, HIV infected, people having maggots on their bodies, and barely surviving on the streets, who he immediately brings to his Gurukul. They are instantly provided with food, accommodation and medical care, all free of cost. There are presently hundreds of such less privileged people living permanently at his Gurukul.

His father and mother have retired as Government officers. Ravi’s father was a Delhi Police Inspector, who was known for his honesty and tough commando attitude. His Mother proudly keeps his passion spreading with her tears of joy by saying that her son has created a "unique temple of humanity".

Ravi Kalra's accomplishments include producing 200 lethal Black Belts for India. Additionally, he has achieved the prestigious 4th level Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo Martial Arts. Being an International Master Instructor, and the President of Indian Amateur Taekwondo Federation, he has trained students from various schools and soldiers posted in several battalions. His various business and social work activities have given him the opportunity to travel 43 different nations around the world. Ravi Kalra is also a proud Rotarian. He served as a president of Rotary Club of Delhi Ridge for the year 2013-14.

As the years passed, the Delhi Police, the Social Welfare Department, the honorable courts, the Indian Government hospitals, and general public who have acknowledged his mission and devotion in bringing abandoned and disabled people to his Gurukul. Ravi Kalra can think of countless examples where he has rescued the poorest of the poor to abandoned senior citizens, army men, retired judges, lawyers, NRI's and educationists from the roads, where they were living in miserable conditions., and had no other hope left or means of survival. Ravi swallows their pain and suffering by igniting their inner soul and once again lifting their hope for living life at his NGO's Gurukul.

Ravi Kalra is also known as the “No Honking Man of India.” He is the first person in India to launch the ‘Do Not Honk’ battle in order to control noise pollution in India caused by un-necessarily vehicular honking. He holds the world record for having more than one lakh commercial vehicles take down their ‘Horn Please’ and "blow Horn" signs.

One of his other passions is to save the forests, he has filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the Supreme Court of India. He is also concerned about saving mother cow. He promotes the electric cremation system. He is doing his best for environment issues and towards the world peace.

It is with God’s grace that the Karma Yogi Ravi Kalra had holy baths in the three most gracious Maha Kumbh of the century.

According to the Sadhus and Saints, Karma Yogi Ravi Kalra is the only man in the world, being a non priest so far over the years to have cremated more than 4,950 unclaimed and unidentified dead bodies at the electric cremation centers. God had also made him hold more than 48 amputated human heads during his midnight prayers at the different cremation centre. These are the unfortunate dead people brought to the cremation center after the post mortem and police clearance where Ravi offers his voluntary help to cremate them with prayers, so that their souls get peace.

Coming back to the NGO, the path has not been smooth. It has gone through unbearable pains and hurdles in the past. On 1st October, 2013, the NGO's rented land had to be vacated over night due to the expiry of lease. All the inmates had to live on the road for days without any basic amenities. Many people lost their lives, but Ravi stood by them day and night.

God was testing Ravi once again, when his NGO had a massive night fire incident on April 4th of 2014. Due to the fire, the foundation lost 100% of the infrastructure. The most painful being the loss of two human lives, and till date 25 people are missing.

After many years of struggle, the Almighty has finally heard his prayers. By God's grace, Ravi Kalra has purchased 3.5 acres of land recently near Gurgaon. He is still struggling to get No objection certificate from the Government for creating a unique Temple of Humanity in the world on this land for accommodating hundreds of abandoned senior citizens and disabled people where doctors, nurses, other staff will be on pay roll to perform round the clock duty for ensuring the best possible care.

On the other hand, Ravi Kalra extends his heartiest thanks to all the patrons, visitors, well wishers and volunteers who have offered their voluntary services and support to strengthen his mission.

He appeals to everyone to unite together for serving humanity. According to Ravi Kalra, Karmic Seva is the service beyond one’s self gives a chance to heal up inner pain and guilt. It is the best way for a person to connect with God.

Ravi's mission helps people to control anger, depression and ego. It also relieves you from worries, stress, sleep disturbances and evils.

Karma Yogi Ravi Kalra urges everyone around the world by spreading his NGO -The Earth Saviours Foundation's selfless service to heal up the wounds of our Mother Earth is the most precious service in God's Eyes.