Do Not Honk

Battle Against Honking

In India unnecessary vehicular honking is the main reason for noise pollution. The problem is worst at traffic signals where drivers start honking without waiting for the signal to turn green or for traffic to move. Drivers show no respect to the law that prohibits the use of horn at traffic signals and other silent zones such as areas near hospitals, schools, religious places and residential areas. Vehicular honking in cities has reached at an alarming level and contributes approximately 70% of the noise pollution in our environment.

The unwanted sound can affect human health and behavior, causing annoyance, depression, hypertension, stress, hearing loss, memory loss and panic attacks. Most of the drivers try to release their frustration and tension by blowing horns, possibly due to lack of awareness regarding the negative effects of noise but most likely it is because of the lack of civic sense.

Having observed the impact of noise pollution, The Earth Saviours Foundation has initiated a crusade against honking. Our battle plan includes putting up 'No Honking' banners, distributing pamphlets, stickers and organizing public awareness campaigns.

We are proud to share that due to tireless hard work of T. E. S. Foundation, approximately 90% of the commercial blue line buses in Delhi have been forced to convert their pressure horns into standard (low density) horns. Over the years we have conducted field plans with Delhi Police. As proof of their full support for our anti-honking campaign, the Delhi Police have begun imposing heavy fines on drivers caught honking unnecessarily while driving.

The Earth Saviours Foundation is proud to share that in a span of few years (without financial support from the government or the corporate community), our “No Honking” campaign has already made a huge impact. The campaign had such a positive impact that the 1st of January is now officially declared as “No Honking Day”. However, there is still a long battle until people understand the actual purpose of the horn i.e. “emergencies”.

Children seen above ( Jas Kalra and Jia Kalra are both brother and sister ) they are studying at Shikshantar school in Gurgaon. They both are the proud Grand Ambassadors of "Do Not Honk" campaign in India.