Promote Electric Cremation

For God's Sake, do not murder trees to cremate dead bodies!

Cremating a human corpse by traditional method requires minimum of 300 Kg of wood. Every day hundreds of dead bodies are cremated by using wood in our country, which not only deplete green cover of the earth but also produce tons of poisonous smoke polluting our environment with carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and many other noxious gases. These gases are extremely harmful to our health and can cause many incurable diseases such as asthma, T.B. and cancer.

The Earth Saviours Foundation believes that over-consumption of wood is one of the major cause for the destruction of our ecosystem. Therefore our NGO is making every possible effort to educate people not to cremate dead bodies by using wood. The government has installed CNG and electric cremation machines at many cremation centers in India, but most of them remain unused and are rusting because people do not opt to use them. it is very important to create awareness about the ill effect of burning wood for cremating dead bodies and about its negative impact on environment.

We urge everyone to use CNG or Electric Cremation System.

  • It is hygienic.
  • It is environment friendly.
  • It reduces a body to powdery ash
  • It is cost-effective.

Religious prayers, vedas, mantras and traditional rituals can still be performed while cremating a dead body by CNG or electric cremation system. We urge all socially conscious people to promote CNG or Electric Cremation System for cremating dead bodies to save our environment.