Brief Introduction of "Ravi Kalra"

Brief Introduction of "RAVI KALRA"

Founder and President of "The Earth Saviours Foundation"

Dear well wishers,

I am pleased to share my selfless devotion for the welfare of less privileged people and for protection of our environment.

Before I founded The Earth Saviours Foundation I grew up inspired by my father who served as a Delhi Police Inspector. His tough, commando attitude helped shape my life and was one of the primary reasons that I began training in Taekwondo martial arts. After many years of tough training, I reached the prestigious level of 4th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo. I was blessed to travel across 48 different countries coaching various Taekwondo teams around the world.

Though I was living in great comfort, destiny had it’s own plans. God had written something else for me. He made me go through unexpected hardships and unbearable humiliation, making me a tougher person with a goal to serve the poor and needy people, selflessly. You will be surprised to learn that in the last 20 years, I made five attempts to give up my successful professional life to perform Holy Karma. However, it was only in 2007 when the Almighty heard my prayers and showed me the path to dedicate my life in the service of humanity when I saw a poor child and a street dog eating together from the stinking garbage yard. It was the turning point in my life. My dream came true when I founded The Earth Saviours Foundation in January 2008. Since then my entire life has been dedicated to improve the lives of abandoned senior citizens, victimized women, mentally disabled people and people suffering with incurable diseases. I feel all of them deserve a chance to live with dignity.

I am proud to share that I started The Earth Saviours Foundation without monetary support from the Government or business community. I used all my hard-earned money to start the foundation and today we rely solely on the generosity of individuals who have acknowledged our efforts with their time or donations. It is my constant prayer to keep our foundation independent, free to make the best decisions for the welfare of destitute people. I wish to extend my heartiest thanks to all our patrons, visitors, well wishers and volunteers who have acknowledged our selfless service, offered support and blessings to us.

My eyes get moist when I extend my heartiest thanks to my staff members who have always stood by me during all my hardships, financial crisis and working under critical conditions. They are truly very dedicated, caring and a family to me.

On the other hand, I must not ignore to share the painful fact that due to human negligence and selfishness our planet Earth has been badly wounded all around. Some of the visible wounds are global warming, deforestation, rising natural disasters, droughts, floods, pollution, drinking water crisis, illiteracy, poverty, hunger, crime, traffic hazards and cruelty to animals. The damage to the environment and it’s habitats have left deep scars, we are all responsible for the damages and destruction.

I strongly believe now it is the time for all socially conscious people to unite in order to heal the wounds of our mother Earth. We must preserve and renew the beauty and goodness of our planet Earth. Please support The Earth Saviours Foundation with your continued guidance and voluntarily services to serve humanity in high sprit.

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