Rescue Center for Mentally Disabled People

An initiative by “The Earth Saviours Foundation”

Ravi Kalra - Karma Yogi, standing with the mentally disabled people those have been rescued by him from the roads.

It is painful to come across large number of abandoned mentally disabled people roaming on the road. They can be often seen eating from rotting garbage. Most of the time these people have not taken a bath for years. They have no shelter and they can be seen on the streets walking barefoot in torn clothes or sometimes naked.

Frequently witnessing this heart-wrenching truth, The Earth Saviours Foundation has opened a rescue center for mentally disabled people. This is the first of its kind in India offering round the clock free accommodation, food, medical treatment and day to day facilities.

We request, if you come across any mentally disabled people roaming on Delhi or NCR road, please contact us for their admission. We will gladly rescue them and look after them gracefully throughout their life. Our rescue center is located at Gurugram.

We pray to God to offer us the strength for building India's largest centre for mentally disabled people. We hope that God sent people like you will come forward to offer financial support for our selfless mission. We humbly request your contribution of any smallest amount to strengthen our efforts to look after homeless mentally disabled people.

Please consider to donate raw food (such as atta, different pulses, rice and sugar), medical aid (such as dettol, bandages, cotton, adult diapers and mosquito repellants) and toiletries (such as soaps, hair oil, toothpaste and towels, etc). You may also donate used clothes and any other used home appliances for these deprived people.

We urge you to sponsor one time meal for destitute people on any special occasion such as birthday, anniversary or any other memorable day in your family.

"A unique temple of Humanity"

I am pleased to share my sentiments that we at The Earth Saviours Foundation are grateful to God for honoring us with the most precious duty to look after deprived, bedridden, disabled, abandoned senior citizens, HIV/AIDS patients, some on their deathbed, females victim of rape and abuse, people dying with hunger, suffering from incurable diseases and even some are having worms / maggots all over their bodies.

I, Ravi Kalra frequently scout the roads of Delhi and NCR, driving until midnight to rescue such homeless and deprived people who are living in acute distress. The moment I identify any homeless person in distress, I don’t waste time in bringing them to our NGO’s shelter (named Gurukul). Our Gurukul is located at Bandhwari Village, Gurgaon - Faridabad Road, Near TERI Golf Course, Distric Gurgaon, Haryana.

By the grace of God, at our Gurukul, all the facilities are provided completely free of cost such as accommodation, hygienically prepared food, medicine, medical care and every day amenities, for more than 500 less privileged people and deprived people who are living full time at our Gurukul.

We are proud to share that the Delhi Police also bring such abandoned people to our Gurukul where admission is warmly provided without any cost. Even the Govt. Ministries and the Govt. recognized hospitals also send regularly abandoned people and patients to be admitted in our Gurukul. Our dedicated staff is always doing their best by providing day and night care with love and affection to the less privileged people.

I humbly request you that in case you come across any deprived person in distressed condition, living on the road without shelter or found eating from stinking garbage or roaming naked on the streets, please bring them over to our NGO's Gurukul. By the grace of god admission is open round the clock, free of charge, seven days a week for such deprived people.

It is very sad to share that due to the lack of donations and funds the facilities at our NGO's center (Gurukul) is bare minimum level but surely it is better for the less privileged people who are otherwise dying on the roads.

I strongly feel that it is the moral duty of every human being who is blessed with comforts to pay back to society by helping less privileged people. Your helping hand can offer them a new life by servicing the less privileged people. This is indeed the noblest service in God’s eyes.

Please do have a look at the photographs of destitute people rescued by our foundations which are shown below. These photographs were taken before we rescued them and after we brought them to our Gurukul.

We are grateful to the almighty lord for offering us a chance to change the life of the less privileged and allowing them to live with dignity at our NGO's Gurukul.

We pray for your voluntary services and support to serve humanity together in high spirits.