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"NGO For Poor and Handicapped

People who are poor and are disabilities are among the most marginalised groups . such people have less education , bad health outcomes, less economic participation than the rest of the people in Our Country Or All Around the world . society fails to provide these poor and disabled people rights they deserve equally like all other citizens even after So many measure taken by govt and so . still at many rural areas the conditioned is far worsen off than urban areas.

There is a huge requirement for someone to take a step forward to help the poor and handicapped people to come out of the chaos and live a life they deserve . Earth saviour takes the initiative of changing the lives of these people by helping them out and motivating them , w are continously in a battle to change the mindset of people towards poor and handicapped.

At our Gurukul we bring them from all the places and give them a better life or try to give a better one , we are sad to inform that many times these people are so ill treated , demotivated and deprived of healthy meals . we take care of them give them the love they deserve . providing thm all the medical facilities they need , providing them proper meals , and taking care of their basic needs .

why choose earth saviour - NGO Agency for Poor and handicapped in delhi

And we need your help as much as possible to give them a better opportunity at life ,By supporting Earth saviour you will not make a difference in the life of a person but you will also be making the difference to thousand people facing this situation everyday in there lives by :

- Earth saviour believes that every individual is unique and add a value and to that the poor and handicapped people have all the right like you and us to persue their aspirations and desires .

- we out of our continous effort trying to reach and help as many as we can

- We need your help to make a better community . We urge all our well wishers to contribute their valuable time as a volunteer. We request you to donate raw food or any other useful items for the day to day needs of senior citizens and disabled people. In addition you may consider to sponsor an attendant / nurse to take care of bed-ridden and disabled living in our Gurukul.

We would greatly appreciate if you consider sponsoring one time meal for the destitute people living at our NGO’s Gurukul on any special occasion such as birthday, anniversary or any memorable day in your family.

NGO for poor and handicapped in delhi

Contact Earth Saviour Today

You are most welcome to visit our NGO’s centre (Gurukul) at your convenience. The best timing to visit is between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day. We shall be glad to assist you.

Our postal and visiting address is:

The Earth Saviours Foundation Gurukul's address: Bandhwari Village,

Gurgaon - Faridabad Road, Near TERI Golf Course, District - Gurgaon, Haryana - 122001, INDIA.

Direct Mobile No: 0091-98181 71695

Other contact No of the NGO: 0091-98716 75485

There are many other dedicated social workers, volunteers and committed staff members will welcome and assist you. We are sure once you visit our centre you would be more than willing to support us with your voluntary services and every best possible for the community welfare.

Volunteers are most welcome.