Protect Environment


God has created such a beautiful Planet Earth for us but over the time our planet is losing its natural beauty and charm. It seams our planet is running rapidly towards the end because we humans have:

  • Encroached the forests, felled the trees and turned them into deserts.
  • Hunted down animals and birds, made them captive and killed them for selfish reasons.
  • Poisoned the air with polluting gases, made clean air difficult to find and making newborn babies prone to respiratory problems such as asthma.
  • Turned the rivers into drains, filled them with sewage and toxic pollutants, and made them source of deadly diseases contaminating our pure drinking water.
  • Constantly for centuries we have been digging our Earth for taking out oil, stones, metals, water, coal and other minerals; it is making our Earth a big hollow from inside. We are ignoring the fact one day nature will take revenge against us for our negligence.

Air Pollution:

Air Pollution is damaging our environment. It comes from burning trees, smoke from the factories, burning toxic as well as other wastes, exhausted gases from motor vehicles, trains and airplanes.

Water pollution and water crisis:

Water is necessary for life on earth. We drink it, fish in it, make electricity with it and also use it for transportation and sports.

It seems that water is available in abundance, but not all this water can be used by human beings. On their way from mountains to land serf, the rivers get injected with countless gallons of toxic waste from industries and stinking untreated sewage.

The holy river Yamuna is one example in front of our shameless eyes. By our carelessness and negligence, the white, pure ice cold water of Yamuna River has been forced to turn into one of the most stinking poisonous drains in the world. Forget about drinking water or bathing, even stepping a foot inside Yamuna is at your own risk. The poor yamuna river has been brutally murdered with no sign of conscience.

Water crisis:

Due to rising global warming, water levels underground are going down alarmingly. At some places rivers which used to be flooded most of the time are now getting dry, due to lack of ice on mountains and rapidly melting glaciers. These glaciers left on mountains is melting too fast, leading to an increase in the sea level. In the coming years scientists have predicted that about 25% of our land will not be available for living as sea water will flood due to global warming.

Waste management and recycling:

Waste management and recycling concept must be implemented and should not be ignored. It saves money and our environment.

Overuse and wastage of natural resources:

Countless tones of metals and minerals are being mined from the Earth which is unbalancing the Eco system.


The forests are being cut down and land is quickly turning into a desert. Everywhere nature is getting destroyed and everywhere humans are constructing concrete structures where trees were once thriving. This is causing a huge ecological imbalance on our planet.


Due to deforestation and melting ice on mountains, more and more landslides are occurring and the balance of nature is getting disturbed.

Noise pollution:

Traffic in metropolitan cities causes noise pollution which has reached an alarming level. Vehicular honking contributes 70% of noise pollution in our cities. Unnecessary noise affects both our health and behavior. It causes annoyance, depression, and hypertension, stress, hearing loss, memory loss and panic attacks.

Damage to environment by artificial and chemically made products:v

Plastic goods and chemicals are causing huge pollution and storage problem, most of it partials does not get decompose; it is harmful to human life in long run.


It is time for all conscentious people to debate on such environmental issues and look for ways to solve these problems by implementing practical solutions. Otherwise one day we will all have to pay a very heavy price for our carelessness and negligence.