Safe Diwali (Festival of Lights)

Say ''No'' to Firecrackers

Last year during Diwali days, “The Earth Saviours Foundation" had organized a nationwide Anti-Firecrackers Awareness Campaign. This was a serious endeavor to control noise and air pollution in Indian cities by educating people not to burn firecrackers during Diwali festival.

It is very disheartening to see that due to negligence of parents and other family members, lots of innocent children get badly burned while playing with firecrackers.

In addition to the dangers children suffering from asthma find it impossible to breath normally due to air pollution. The levels of noise and air pollution go up to 400 times higher than the normal days during this season.

Despite a restricting order by the Supreme Court of India not to burn firecrackers after 10 p.m, a large number of people violate this law quite blatantly. While enjoying burning fire crackers these people fail to empathize with those who are not able to enjoy Diwali festival because of blasting sounds and floating poisonous air. The elderly people, new born babies and peasants are the worst affected especially on Diwali Day when the whole city go crazy with hundreds and thousands of people exploding firecrackers simultaneously. It is also a nightmare for birds, dogs, cats and other animals who have to hide themselves for survival till our so-called festival of celebrations are over.

Friends, for God sake, please wake up to the reality of firecrackers and what they do to our society. This cruel trade employs a maximum number of children between the ages of 3 to 14 years, who work for 12 to 16 hours a day with corrosive substances and dangerous gunpowder that burn their hands and render their hands damaged for months and years.

The Earth Saviours Foundation urges all conscious fellow-beings to please think of these children and their pain, each time you pick up a firecracker! The money you waste to buy firecrackers can be used to help at least one poor and needy child’s education or to help victims of natural disasters or for any other noble cause close to your heart.

Diwali is a festival of lights, sharing happiness, prayers for peace and distributing sweets among friends and relatives. Let’s not burn the spirit of Diwali in a chaotic display of firecrackers.

We would also like to mention that for Diwali 2011, the volunteers of our NGO had organized an Anti -Fire Cracker Awareness Campaign among general public.

Our NGO displayed specially designed posters, banners, stickers and Diwali Greeting Cards. Thousands of greetings cards were made. They were looking beautiful from outside but once you open it and see from inside it will make you cry. These cards have photographs of children who got badly burnt at the time of playing with firecrackers during Diwali. We are showing such photographs to make one aware of the foolishness behind playing with firecrackers.

Our efforts had a high impact and we received countless phone calls and e-mails from people appreciating our efforts. Many of them pledged that they will not buy crackers for their children from this year onwards. In addition to the positive feedback we received a lot of support from the newspaper and TV media who covered our campaign.

We are very proud to mention that our mission to promote “CRACKER FREE DIWALI” has personally been supported by:-

Mrs Sonia Gandhi : The President of all India Congress Committee.
Mrs Sheila Dikshit : The Chief Minister of Delhi.
Mr. Maxwell Pereira : Former Joint Commissioner of Delhi Police.

This year we are all set to convince shopkeepers not to sell firecrackers during Diwali, so that innocent people and children do not get carried away to buy fire crackers.

Dear friends, We request for your small financial support and co-operation to organize our "Anti Firecracker Awareness Campaign" in a much more effective way.

“Let us save the spirit of Diwali – Save our Children - Save our Nation and Save the Earth”