Sponsor An Attendant / Nurse

Sponsor an attendant / Nurse to look after abandoned, homeless and bedridden senior citizens in our old age home.

At our old age home most of the senior citizens are bed ridden and they need regular medical care, treatment and attention. There are very seriously ill people who need constant care.

We do our best to care day and night but as numbers of such cases are growing we are in desperate need of paid attendants or Nurses.

But due to insufficient funds, we request you to consider donating a monthly salary of an attendant or Nurse for our old age home.

The salary of an attendant cost appox. Rs 10000/-per month which is around US$149/-per month.

The salary of a Nurse is approx. Rs.15000/-per month which is around US$224/-per month.

The role of an Attendant or Nurse in our old age home include:

  • Changing the bedding.
  • Helping old people bathe.
  • Giving medicines on time.
  • Take them for daily walk and exercise.
  • Make them cheerful and happy.
  • Changing their clothes and nappies in routine.
  • Cleaning/Clearing the dressing from their wounds.

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