Save Earth

Save Earth "before it gets too late".

The survival of all the organisms on the Earth and our Earth itself has been trapped by countless human made negligence and problems.

It can be easily noticed that most of the people neither want to admit that these problems exist nor they do anything to prevent them.

Some of the problems are highlighted below, which can gradually bring our Mother Earth to an end.

  • Global Warming.
  • Danger of Nuclear Wars.
  • Rising natural disasters like Landslides, Earthquakes, Tsunami and Floods.
  • Deforestation and imbalance in Eco-System and Habitat.
  • Damage to Ozone Layer.
  • Rising Air, Noise and Water Pollution.
  • Drinking Water Crisis.
  • Rising Poverty and Crime.
  • Deadly disease like: AIDS, Hepatitis A and B, Swine Flu, Cancer, Bird Flu and so on.

Please become a part of volunteer's team of The Earth Saviours Foundation, Lets save-air ideas and do some thing together in every possible way to Save Our Earth!!!