Help Destitute Women

“Jia Nari Niketan” An initiative by the Earth Saviours Foundation to look after deprived females

Our foundation is concerned about rehabilitating sexually abused and homeless females. To look after such females, we run a shelter in Delhi by the name of “Jia Nari Niketan”.

Some of the females living in our “Nari Niketan” were found abandoned, roaming in miserable conditions on roads.Many of them were victims of rape or sexual abuse in their past. Some others were mentally disabled, physically handicapped or suffering from burn injuries.

An extreme case of human cruelty was witnessed when we found Sita Devi a 28 year old woman living homeless on the street. She is an example of extreme inhumane treatment. At the time she was brought to our Nari Niketan, half of her body was suffering with severe burns. Her legs were shrunk and broken due to an accident that left her barely able to crawl. While living on the street, she had been abused, tortured, raped and exploited by unidentified people. One of a cruel man had punched her jaw losing her three upper teeth and four lower teeth. Finally after suffering continuous violence and sexual assault, Sita Devi under went depression and developed severe mental illness.

On getting the information about her apathy our NGO had immediately rescued her and provided her the best possible medical treatment. We are happy to share that her operation was very successful. She has now begun walking on her own.

Another living example of human cruelty is Aarti Gautam, a 22 year old mentally disabled woman from Madhya Pradesh. While staying with her family they tried to murder her. Somehow she managed to escape, she walked all the way from Madhya Pradesh (Jhansi) to Delhi. It took her six months on foot to reach Delhi. On her way she was raped and abused countless times by cruel opportunistic people.

We found her roaming on the streets of Delhi. We immediately decided to bring her to our Nari Niketan. We were shocked to discover that she was four months pregnant.

We did our best to look after her. Finally at our shelter she delivered a healthy baby girl. Arti named her Khushbu, which means “fragrance”. Unfortunately despite our best possible care, Aarti ran away from Nari Niketan and till date she is untraceable.

If you happen to find any homeless and deprived females roaming on streets of Delhi and NCR, please contact us to enroll them at our Nari Niketan. For such females all the facilities are completely free of charge. We also try our best to find job opportunities for them at our Gurukul centre.