Help Stray Animals

Rescue Mother Cow!!

Now a days Sacred Cow "Holy Nandini" of Lord Krishna is living in miserable conditions and abandoned on roads, struggling for day to day survival. If this is the fate of sacred cow who is supposed to be worshipped, then one can imagine the condition of other animals!

Cow is worshipped by one of the world's largest communities, but look at the pathetic conditions this poor animal has to survive in - wandering through streets, eating stinking garbage, drinking from drains, running across roads through maddening traffic and often getting hit and killed by traffic.

Volunteers of 'The Earth Saviours Foundation' have pledged to remove as many stray cows as possible from roads and arrange shelters for them in open fields where they will be safe. It will be our aim to take care of their day to day feeds and medical needs.

WE KNOW WE CANNOT DO IT ALONE but we can do it with your help. As this venture is an expensive proposition and it can be only achieved with financial support, we are sure your smallest contribution would be a big step to save Lord Krishna's Holy Cow.