Help Street People

Rescue Street people

At the time our NGO’s vigilant team hunt for abandoned homeless senior citizens and mentally challenged people on roads, we are concerned to rescue other homeless deprived street people too specially those who are handicapped, wounded, ill or in a major critical conditions.

As soon as we see them our first priority is to provide first aid to them. In most of the cases, we admit them in hospitals for treatment.

Once they are in a position to look after themselves, our second priority is to unite them with their families. Sometime we send social workers along to escort them up to their homes located at remote areas in different states in India.

In case their own families do not accept them or these people do not want to go back to their families, we consider it as our duty to get them jobs for according to their caliber. We make sure that proper accommodation, food facilities and other means of survival are being provided to these abandoned people.

Those who cannot find jobs due to their disability and are in need of regular medical care and attention, live with us in our NGO’s shelter and by God’s grace all the facilities are completely free of charge for them.

If you happen to see any such people roaming in Delhi and NCR areas, please feel free to contact us. We shall do our best to rescue them and look after them till God permits us.