UFF Traffic

The traffic devil has already lessened the speed of our lives in India, rather in crude words, it can cut short the lives if any untoward incidence takes place because of careless driving and overspeeding.

During the office hours, it is very difficult for anyone to reach his/her destination on time due to heavy traffic jams at all the major traffic junctions.

There is always tension while driving, what to talk of enjoying the ride. The drive is no smoother due to lack of civic sense and blatant violation of traffic rules which are not followed by more then 60% drivers. Driving on roads is becoming a battle for safe and timely reaching the destinations.

It is alarming to witness that despite Metro Rail System the growth of vehicles on roads does not seem to have reduced.

Hardly fifteen years before the roads were much safer and easier to drive on but now one faces traffic jams in the city even at midnight.

Most of the traffic signal intersections in metro cities today will hold you for two or three traffic green light cycles before letting you turn. This is despite the fact that 40% of the flats and houses are still not occupied. Imagine what will be fate if flats are fully occupied. There is no planning of infrastructure, water harvesting and sewage but still the construction of apartment complexes are mushrooming rapidly.

Vigilant Team of The Earth Saviours Foundation “an NGO behind the Do Not Honk campaign in India” has done survey and found that few traffic junctions in Gurgaon have worst accidents during night time on a regular basis more specifically the Gurgaon Traffic junction.

Ravi Kalra, President of the NGO (more known as the No Honking man) has come up with some practical solutions for the relief from traffic jams:

  • Use public Transport as much as possible.
  • Use bicycle or walk for short distances.
  • Avoid traveling during rush hours.
  • Encourage car pools.
  • Obey traffic rules.
  • Lane driving is the best driving
  • Do not honk unnecessarily while driving.
  • Have patience on roads. It is better to be late than never reach.
  • Rash driving and impatience will delay you more.
  • Do not drink and drive.
  • Do not over speed.
  • Slow down at crossing junctions.
  • (If possible) shift your office or working place close to your residence.
  • When ever you think of buying two or four wheeler, try buying automatic geared vehicle. You will save lot of your energy while driving in traffic jams.

Appeal to God: God we are sick of traffic Jams!!!

God says Avoid Traveling!!