Guidelines for Volunteers (brief)

Please find guideline for voluntarily services in our NGO's gurukul, located at Bandhwari Village, Gurgaon - Faridabad Road, Near TERI Golf Course, Gurgaon. The best timing to visit are between 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m from Monday to Sunday (every day).

Volunteers are most welcome to look after 500 abandoned senior citizens, mentally disabled people, bed-ridden, deprived people and people on death bed.

These less privileged people have been rescued from roads, they are brought to our NGO's gurukul by police authorities, referred by hon'ble courts, different hospitals and social welfare departments.

We request all volunteers and well wishers to follow the rules below in order to provide help in the Gurukul:

  1. Those living in the Gurukul have to be bathe everyday.
  2. All patients must be given medicine daily and on-time.
  3. Those living in the Gurukul can be dropped home, if their address is provided or found.
  4. Give everyone water 3-4 times a day.
  5. Help us to change their diapers and dirty cloths.
  6. In the summer, make everyone drink lemonade with less sugar and also give them fruits.
  7. Explain to visitors not to get fried or fattening foods, instead bring fruits for everyone.
  8. Give them exercises and help disabled people to walk in compound.
  9. Help us to cook food.
  10. Keep ensuring that none of the Gurukul patients are lying on the floor. Move the patients to a shaded area. If possible, make bedridden patients lie down on white foam.
  11. Please ensure that everyone gets food on time and that they don't waste food. Make sure they don't over eat to avoid indigestion.
  12. Wherever you see dirt/waste ensure that you cover it up with mud using a shovel.
  13. During kirtan activities ensure that the patients themselves are involved playing the instruments.
  14. Ensure that atleast four days in a week, bollywood songs are played on the tape recorder and the patients are made to sing and dance.This will ensure that all of the are happy and they also get their much needed physical exercise.
  15. Help us to rescue more and more disabled, homeless and abandoned people from the roads.
  16. Please ensure the Gurukul is kept clean, tidy and green.
  17. Please ensure that a bhajan or kirtan cassest is playing all the time.
  18. Please ensure that all the rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, gardens etc are clean at all times.
  19. Ensure that there is no mud on the bricks.
  20. Ensure that the water tanks are cleaned and their lid is always shut. Also ensure, that there are no mosquitoes or insects around the water tanks and add medicine to the tanks to avoid these insects.
  21. Make sure that those of whom are able, are given duties and assigned tasks. Also on a piece of paper, write down whom all you have assigned tasks too and give the list to me.
  22. Ensure that all the patient files are up to date.
  23. Ensure that none of the patients clothes have dirt on them, and there aren't insects around them.
  24. Make sure that everyone living in the Gurukul is counseled time to time and let them vent to you their feelings. Ask them the things they need from the store (eg: towel, clothes, comb etc) and give it to them.
  25. Help us to permote our mission via media, internet, word of mouth and other means.
  26. Help us to find donors.
  27. Ensure that everyone's bed is always clean and if the bedsheet is stained, please change it.
  28. Help us in our back office to pursue environment concern subjects.
  29. A lot of the people living in the Gurukul may lie about not having food to eat to medicines. Ensure that you investigate if these complaints are true or false. And try to help us find a solution for it.
  30. Help us by participating in Do Not Honk campaign at different traffic signals by pasting Do Not Honk stickers at the back bumpers of passing by vehicles/ cars to educate drivers not to blow horn unnecessarily while driving to control noise pollution.
  31. Help us to spread our self mission (NGO).
  32. Help us in fund raising.
  33. We request you to contact our office regarding anymore information that you may need about us.

In the meanwhile please contact for any further information. We shall be glad to answer.

Warm regards,

Ravi Kalra (Karma Yogi)
Founder and President
The Earth Saviours Foundation

We regret to inform that our foundation cannot afford to pay any financial assistance to volunteers, such as airfare, local transport fare, stipend, accommodation and money for any other day to day needs due to lack of funds. Sometimes you may feel that our Indian staff is not being hospitable or cooperative but the fact is our staff members are very good by nature, due to poor English speaking skills and overly stressed schedules, you might think that they are not very welcoming. If possible please bring your own water bottle and refreshments to avoid stomach problems/sickness. We request you to bring along a bottle of hand sanitizer. At the time you join us please apply for Membership of our foundation. The membership is completely free of charge. and we will provide you with ID card. Also fill in a volunteer form so that we get to know about your areas of interest. Before completing your internship please make sure that you inform our office to issue you a letter of appreciation, certificate.

At the time of you departure, please consider to donate your used items. We would be glad to have them for the poor people. Please do not hesitate to ask for breakfast or lunch at NGO’s kitchen. You are also welcome to ask for a packed dinner. We request you to bring your lunch box for packed dinner. Please do not hesitate to ask for drinking water. If you face any problem during your internship/volunteering period or you have any complaints or suggestions, please feel free to share it with our staff members. You can also contact Ms. Maheshwari on her number 9958871829 (during the day time). We will try to fix the problems as soon as possible, as you are very valuable to us and we respect you for coming all the way from your country/institution to help us. Please do not hesitate to ask for transportation from our foundation to nearest Metro Station. All our volunteers are very precious to us. We thank you for coming over to our foundation for helping us in saving humanity.

Warm regards,

Ravi Kalra (Karma Yogi)
Founder and President
The Earth Saviours Foundation

volunteers और Well wishers से निवेदन है कि निम्नलिखित तरीके से गुरुकुल में सेवा प्रदान करें|

  1. गुरुकुल में रहने वाले लोगों को रोज नहलाना है |
  2. सभी मरीजों को रोज समय पर दवाई देनी है |
  3. गुरुकुल में रहने वाले जो लोग अपने घर जाना चाहते हैं और उसका पता मिल जाता है तो उन व्यक्तियों को उस के घर तक पहुँचा दो |
  4. दिन में तीन चार बार सभी लोगों को पानी पिलाना है |
  5. गर्मी के दिनों में सभी लोगों को रोज कभी सत्तू, कभी नीबूं पानी (कम मीठे वाला) और कभी फल (रस वाले) जरुर खाने को देने है |
  6. जो Visitors / Well wishers गुरुकुल में ज्यादा तले हुए ब्रेड पकोडे, समोसे, मिठाई और चिप्स आदि लाते हैं उन्हें समझाओं कि एसी चीजें मत लाओ | हो सके तो रस वाले फल ला कर सभी को दिया करो |
  7. हर समय गुरुकुल में देखो कि कोई मरीज / व्यक्ति जमीन पर न पड़ा हो | उन्हें छावों में शिफ्ट करवा दो | होसके तो bed ridden लोगों / मरीजो को सफेद फोम पर सुलवओ या आराम करवाओ |
  8. क्रप्या ध्यान दो कि सभी को खाना समय पर मिले और ज्यादा खाना भर भर कर खाने को मत दो | नही तो बेचारे लोगों का पेट खराब हो जायेगा |
  9. जहाँ कहीं भी गन्दगी पड़ी हो उस पर फावड़े से मिट्टी डलवा दो | पीछे टिन की दिवार के पास मिट्टी पर सभी गन्दा करते हैं जहाँ भी गन्दा रहता है वंहा रोज मिट्टी डलवा कर साफ करवा दो |
  10. गुरुकुल में रोज शाम को भजन व कीर्तन इन्ही लोगों से ढोलक, छेने, मंजीरे, और माइक आदि दे कर जरुर करवाओ |
  11. हफ्ते में कम से कम चार दिन तेप्रिकोडर पर फिल्म गाने (DJ जैसे) चलवा कर गुरुकुल में रहने वाले सभी को सुनवाओ और उन्हे डांस करने के लिए जबर्दस्ती कहो | जिससे सभी खुश रहना सीखे और शरीर की कसरत डांस करने से भी होता है |
  12. क्रप्या गुरुकुल को जितना हो सके सुंदर, साफ व हरा भरा बनवाओ |
  13. क्रप्या ध्यान दो कि हर समय भजन किर्तन वाली CD चलती रहे |
  14. हर समय सभी कमरे, रसोई व बाथरुम - Toilets, आंगन आदि साफ रहने चाहिए |
  15. ईंटो के ऊपर धूल मिट्टी व गन्दगी नही होनी चाहिए |
  16. जितनी भी पानी की टंकिया है इनमे सफाई रखो, इनका ढक्कन हमेशा बंद रखो और टंकियों में कीड़े व मक्खी मच्छर न आये इस लिए उनमें दवाई डालो |
  17. रोज दोपहर व शाम को उपले और नीम के पत्तों का धुँआ करवाओ तसले के अन्दर या हांड़ी में रस्सी से लटका दो | ताकी मक्खी - मच्छर गुरुकुल में न हो |
  18. गुरुकुल में रहने वाले सभी लोगों को जो कुछ काम कर सकते है उन्हे कुछ न कुछ काम की डयूटी लगवा दो और एक पन्ने पर लिख कर मुझे भी दिखाओ की आपने इन लोगों की क्या डयूटी लगाई है |
  19. सभी व्यक्तियों की फाइलें पूरी होनी चाहिए इस बात का खास ध्यान रखो |
  20. कोई भी व्यक्ति कभी भी गन्दगी में न हो, उसके कपड़े गंदे नहीं होने चाहिए व कभी किसी भी व्यक्ति पर मक्खी - मच्छर नही होने चाहिए |
  21. सभी लोग जो गुरुकुल में रहते हैं उनकी Counselling वक्त - वक्त पर करो उनके दुख दर्द दूर करो उनसे पूछों उन्हें क्या चाहिए उन्हे समान Store मे से ला कर दे दो | जैसे - कंघी, तेल, साबुन, तोलिया, कपड़े, खाना, या दवा आदि |
  22. हर किसी का बिस्तर हमेशा साफ रहना चाहिए व चादर गन्दी होने पर क्रप्या चेंज करवा दो |
  23. गुरुकुल मे रहने वाले बहुत से लोग झूठ बोलते है की उन्हे खाना नही मिलता, दवा नही मिलती या ऐसी मिलती जुलती बहुत सी शिकायतें | क्रप्या गहराई से पता करो की यह शिकायतें सच्ची है या झूठी और जितना हो सके उन शिकायतों का तुरन्त निवारण करने मे हमारी मदद करें |
  24. आप से निवेदन है कि और अधिक जानकारी व गुरुकुल की कार्यशैली जानने के लिए क्रप्या गुरुकुल ऑफिस में सम्पर्क करें |