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The condition of women is not so good and they are marginalised in mostly all the sector , Thought women in developing India is taking active participation in all sectors still the ration is less , there are many women in rural area or belong to unpreviliged segement that dosnt not enjoy the same rights . they are not give right to get education and they are not empowered

Why Choose Earth Saviour - Women Care Society in Delhi NCR

The goal of Earth Saviour is to empower the women and girls from poor and marginalised communities, leading to more improved lives and livelihoods . we realise that when these women and girl will also get power than the pace of growth of India will be qual and highest .

we are trying to get the women and girls the basic knowledge and education required by them to sustain a good and healthy life along with it providing them skilled related knowlege that will help them earn money .

Some womens and girls are suffering form malnutrition and other illness we try to give them all the nessities they need like medical checkup , proper meals as addressed by doctors to improve their health

Earth Saviour Is Trying To reach as many as womens and girls as we can and shapping their career likewise .


Earth Saviours Foundation is an Internationally recognized NGO In Delhi NCR

We would be delighted all our well wishers to contribute their valuable time as a volunteer. we request you to donate as much as you can your small gesture can mean a lot donate raw food and other utility item . We urge all our well wishers to contribute their valuable time as a volunteer.

It would be greatly appreciate if you consider sponsoring one time meal for the destitute people living at our NGO’s Gurukul on any special occasion such as birthday, anniversary or any memorable day in your family. your one time meal can give them immense happiness , your one time consideration can give them beautiful memories they deserve . .

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Volunteers are most welcome.